Favorite Zalloween Moments

In Blog # 259 I Talked about Zalloween Events over the years. In this blog I want to talk about Favorite Zalloween Moments.

This month kind of got away from me, I’ve been so busy with interviewing for jobs and running an Etsy and eBay store it seems like I’m working much harder these days. I love it though. This transition has been really tough for me. You find out who your true friends are for sure. I’m happy to say most people have touched me in a positive way, sure appreciate those people.

Going forward This will most likely be my last Zappos mention. I had some great years there, especially the “Tony” years. But it’s time for me to move on. So what a great way to end that piece by talking about one of the craziest events ever Zalloween. I attended all but one because of my China travels from 2004–2009. I think I did the following over the years:

2010 — Samurai warrior with 9 west group Jodi

2011 — Super Mario Brothers Havianas Andrea

2012 — Devil Centaur Birkenstock Stephanie, Vicki, Scott Jeffries

2013 — Scooby Doo Gang Dansko Steve

2014 — Gladiator Birkenstock Stephanie, Vicki

2015 — Old School golfers Birkenstock, Stephanie, Vicki,

2016 — Pokémon Greg Devey & Jeanette

2017 — Bloody Referees Birkenstock Stephanie, Vicki, Peter

2018 — Dino’s Naot Mark

2019 — Circus Big Top Naot Mark, Stephanie Cuen

Linda and I have had fun over the years dressing up for Zalloween. All I can say is she’s a good sport lol.

In 2010 we dressed as a Samurai warrior and Geisha Girl. I think for both of us it was one of our all-time favorite outfits. Kristin Colbert (Newell) wore her famous Mad Hatter outfit and Scott did his incredible Cheshire Cat. We got paired up with the 9 west gang and Jodi was the rep. She is just an amazing person, so it was fun hanging out with her. Her costume was “not” so amazing but clever. It was a t-shirt that said, “This is my costume”. By the 5th hole I was so hot…



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